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Microwave repair service in Toronto


We carry out microwave repairs in Toronto and the rest of Canada.


Microwaves are very useful kitchen appliance which we all take for granted and only realize the convenience they offer us when they break down . We understand you therefore want the microwave repair , in Toronto or elsewhere in the country to happen quickly.


Appliance Tech pros specializes in microwave oven repair in Canada, microwave oven repair in Toronto. If you have a broken microwave oven, call the Appliance Tech Pros for a quick and economical microwave repair.


we have been repairing microwaves, both freestanding and integrated , for over 20+ years and have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge over that time.Now, we are one of the Canada’s leading repair companies for domestic appliances.


If you need a microwave repair don’t hold off any longer.


How a Microwave Oven Works

A microwave transmits electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of 12.2 centimetres and a frequency of 2.24 gigahertz through food. This causes the food’s water molecules to vibrate, causing it to heat up due to friction with other water molecules. In a microwave, food cooks from within. It’s also why frozen and dry foods (like rice) don’t cook as well: frozen moisture and dry things don’t respond to microwave radiation as rapidly or uniformly. Many microwave ovens have a rotating plate that rotates the food during the cooking process to ensure that it cooks evenly.


Microwave Oven Benefits


Cooking and reheating in microwave ovens is faster than in conventional ovens. Because lengthier cooking times destroy beneficial components in food, some vitamins are preserved when food is cooked in the microwave rather than in a conventional oven. Microwave ovens use only electricity, not gas, charcoal, or oil, which decreases their carbon footprint and removes pollution not caused by electricity production. Food, particularly proteins, does not brown in microwaves. Because the food is warmed to a high temperature rapidly and may be served straight away, dangerous organisms have less time to flourish on food cooked in the microwave.


    • If microwave oven stopped working. If throw it away, the world will have one more trash and you will have to spend some more money to bring back a new one. So you need professional engineers to repair , It’s time to contact Appliance Tech pros.


  • Whether your microwave isn’t heating up properly or the timer isn’t working, one of the Appliance Tech professionals’ repair technicians will be at your house within hours to fix it.


Microwave repair common problems:


  • Microwave Not working
  • Microwave Door not closing properly
  • Microwave is noisy
  • Tray does not spin
  • Microwave fan does not work
  • Microwave Touchpad not responding
  • Microwave not heating


Microwave Oven Safety Recommendations


If the oven door is damaged or if shutting it securely is a difficulty, the microwave oven should not be used.


Metal objects should only be used in microwave ovens if they are labeled as microwave safe.


Liquids that have been cooked in a microwave oven should be handled with caution and protective mitts.


Microwave ovens should be cleaned on a regular basis and should not be used while they are not in use.

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