dryer is not heating

Dryer Is Not Heating


Here is the solution



If the dryer is not heating then you are at the top five of most popular causes


1 – blown thermal fuse

Its a safety device designed to protect the dryer from over heating . If the dryer over heats then the fuse will blow off to cut off the power to the heating element . You can use a multimeter to check for contiuity.


2 – defective heating element

If the heating element is broken then the dryer won’t heat up


3 – faulty thermostat

It monitor the dryer temperature and will shut the heating element off if the dryer overheats


4 – faulty cycling thermostat

This thermostat is cycling the heating element on and off to regulate the heat inside the dryer


5 – if the dryer is not getting 240 volts it will run but it won’t heat